Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/1/11 The Unlikely Seattleite or SAD-R-Us

I'm cold and I'm outta here.
I imagine it's silly to
jump on a cruise ship at my age
and float around playing Jenga all day
in the sunny Bahamas.
Dirty job,
but somebody has to do it.
As my old roommate Joan would say,
I need sun.
I'm the most unlikely Seattle native
you ever met!
Even with my SAD lamp above my bed for
reading four hours a night
and my other SAD light three inches from my
face for an hour every morning while
I read The Seattle Times,
I'm still depressed.
Every time someone tells me they moved here
from San Diego or Denver
I go into internal shock.
I act like it doesn't surprise me
but my inner voice is shouting,
"Are you crazy?!"
When I was a flight attendant,
I learned that every other place in the world
has more sun than Seattle.
I felt totally validated by the
'Twilight' series.
I've thought about moving but I'd hate to miss
summer in Seattle!
August 7th through the 17th.