Friday, March 22, 2013

Ten Ways to Spell Beautiful

I looked down at the paper and smiled.
Yes, I do spell words incorrectly some of the time.
But, I love to read and write,
so most of the time I do okay spelling.
The best thing about teaching,
is learning.
Learning where things go right for the kids
and where they go wrong.
Today I had them repeat EAU
over and over and over again.
You need it to spell
What was beautiful today?
The sun shining on the snowy fir trees out the classroom window was
The sight of a coffeemaker in the classroom was
The cheeseburgers on the student trays looked
The rosy cheeks on the kids after recess looked
The smile on the face of the girl that spelled bottom right was
The boy that got excited to take out the recycling instead of spelling was
Listening to the children read Reader's Theater was buitful.
The two little girls walking arm in arm to the bus stop