Sunday, December 23, 2012

12/23/2012 Lost Wages Tomato Aspic

Lost Wages Tomato Aspic
1 Big can of V-8 Juice
1 Small jar cocktail sauce
1 Big box of lemon Jello
1 Pound shrimp of some sort
4 Ripe avocados (don't stall out buying them because they won't be ripe!)
1 Overpriced can of sliced olives unless you are ambitious enough to slice some
Fresh celery of some kind

Put the V-8 & cocktail sauce in a microwave bowl until it boils
Pour it in a baking pan of some sort
Add the Jello and stir it in really, really well
Stick it in the fridge for about a half hour, maybe more
Pull it out and lay in the shrimp and cados and celery bits & olives
Refrigerate overnight with a Keep Out sign on it
Cut in squares and put on little plates
If you are fancy, put a leaf of lettuce underneath!

My mom always made tomato aspic for Christmas.
I sure miss her.
This recipe always makes me feel close to my mom
even though she has been gone a long, long time now.
She only put in a little bit of celery.
She always put a teaspoon of mayonnaise on top. Ew.

I changed it up a bit to taste like a shrimp cocktail.
Shrimp cocktails always remind me of Las Vegas,
which Brenny calls Lost Wages,
hence the silly name.
When I eat it and it tastes like a shrimp cocktail I feel like
a young flight attendant again
on a layover in Las Vegas.
The thrill of seeing slot machines when we
stepped off the plane.
The anticipation of hitting the casino buffet with my
Buddy-Bidder Theresa,
and eating huge, cheap shrimp cocktails!