Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/7/2012 First Grade Anatomy Essays

I go all over the place as a sub
and in my travels I see some very cute essays:

The Body (First Grade Author Unknown)

My brain helps me thac
and helps me moov my bode.

My hearth is purfakt.
It is the most impartit orange
and it pumps bluod.

Your lungs are inportint
abd if you sotp brething you can diy.

All peloews eyes are
difenit coloes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/6/2012 I Was a Stupid Clown

The little freckle-faced girl looked up at me
with a serious face.
"What do you do?" She asked.
I smiled down at her and said,
"What do you mean what do I do?"
She looked at me with concern and said,
"You know, tricks and stuff."
It dawned on me right then and there
that a clown suit does not a clown make.
I was a stupid clown.
I had no tricks or talents,
just a nice old, faded orange and yellow clown suit.
Since I had worked on making new games for the 2000
Kenmore Elementary carnival,
my name had been passed on to the Bothell fire department
to provide carnival games for the
Northshore Cities League Safety Carnival.
I roamed around smiling in my clown suit with my bright yellow
wig tucked around my old City of Seattle engineering department hard hat,
and made sure the kids were having fun at the games.
The fire and sheriff departments from
Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville had brought
all kinds of interesting home safety displays
and when Terry showed up with Troy and Teddy,
they ran to the smoke sheet set up
to teach them how to crawl under smoke.
So, looking down at the little girl
and not having any clown skills
made me feel really stupid.
I frantically dug into the deep pockets of my clown suit
and found a tiny rubber hand from a prize bin and she smiled.
The next day I found a friend to teach me how to make balloon animals
and I embarked on a five year career as Lulu the Clown.
I made balloon animals at all the local school
carnivals in exchange for free tickets for
Teddy and Troy for all the carnival games.
I'd send them off to find their favorite games
and report back to me so I could replicate them
for my Kenmore Elementary carnival.
My favorite were the little cars from
All Star Fun rentals. I saw them at the Arrowhead carnival
and knew I had to have them!
For the next ten years, when the cars showed up
at Kenmore elementary for the carnival,
I liked to take them for a loop around the parking lot
before taking them to their designated spot.
I'm such a liar!
My real favorite activity was the speed pitch radar.
Not the activity as much as borrowing the sheriff's car
and driving that around town.
Chief Sether showed me how to attach the radar gun
to the battery in the trunk and set up the display box
and I had to sign a bunch of forms stating that I wouldn't
give any of my neighbors speeding tickets on my way to the school carnival.
Yes, I was a stupid clown at first.
But I did get to drive the sheriff's car
and yes, I did want to write tickets,
but I restrained myself.